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VIP/Arranger controls: Help locating controls for visually impaired


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Hi. A basic question if someone could help the blind/visually impaired users of Samplitude.  There are options like "snap active" and "auto crossfade" available in the menus. Keys can be assigned, but up until now I haven't got anyone sighted to confirm to me that these controls are also on screen, they say they are not there.  So, toggling these controls is difficult, as you don't know they're on/off unless you go into a menu, hence making any assigned key redundant.


Could anyone help and let me know if these controls are visible in the screenshot I'm uploading, which is of a blank template we use as visually impaired users.  I have heard mention of these controls in quite a few videos, so I thought I'd post to try and clear this up once and for all.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  All I need to know is if the snap and auto crossfade controls are visible in the screenshot and where they are roughly.  If they are not present, then can anyone explain why?  THX Steve.


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