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Problems with independance libraries

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I upgraded to Samp PRo 5 and then removed PRO 4 suite off my computer. I have the full 70 Gig library and have tried to link it to Independence. Do I have to move the library somewhere else? Everything worked in PRO 4 suite. The images show that I have the library referenced but this is the mesage I get. Do I have to reinstall 4 or will the full library work with Independence? If I need to move the library where would I move it to?

Where library is located.jpg

not activated.jpg

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It's probably not a good idea to have removed Pro X4 from your computer. Purely from the point of view that if you have problems with opening projects in ProX5 can at least revert to Pro X4. Unless you are short of hard drive space I would suggest reinstalling Samplitude Pro X4 and see if that fixes the problem.

Regards, Kraznet

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2 minutes ago, BongoSamp said:

Did the reinstall, works in PRO4 but not PRO five. Maybe the Independence that ships with the non-suite version just won't recognize the files.

Yes, if you only have the non-Suite version of Pro X5 you don't have the licence for the 70 GB library, only the 12 GB library is included in the licence.

Best, Thomas

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I hang on to this. I am currently working with Samplitude Pro X4 suite and considering this topic I have looked at the version of Independence. This is version 3.3.095 with 70Gb. Is it possible to update and if so how? Doesn't there risk to be conflicts then with old VIP projects?

Merci d'avance

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