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turning vocal stereo tracks into mono


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i record a vocal track with my usb interface (tascam us 122 MKII) but it appears my track is stereo but mainly on the left.   I tried the stereo processor effect to create a stereo sound on the right too, wich is ok when i listen on my laptop or on another device with stereo, but fe on my smartphone (without headphones) or on any mono bluetooth device, i can't here the voice.  Looks like all the sound in the middle has dissapeared and is only available on the very left of very right channel.   What can I do?  Can i change a stereo track to mono track, so my vocals will be centered?  Or is there another way?  I cannot re-record, people who sang the tune were friends form abroad....

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File conversion from mono to stereo or vice versa in various ways can be approached in Samplitude under: 
File > Export > Mono / Stereo convert

Another approach is to right click the Phase Button (looks like the greek letter Phi) in the mixer. 
This will open the Stereo Editor, here you will find options for mixing and copying the left and right side of a track. 

If parts of a stereo track cannot be heard, it is also possible that one side is reversed in phase (also known as reversed in polarity, which is technically more precise).  

To fix this, inverse the phase of one side, this can also be done in Stereo Editor. 


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