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Creating new drum mapping.


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How can I create different mapping for midi drums in the midieditor.
Let me explain more detailed.
I use BeatBuddy drum-machine, which has some special mapping. I want to create own grooves with EZ Drummer and Addictive Drums Vsti. Say I connect the EZdrummer track midi-out with BeatBuddy's Midi-in. Then I play some groove with EZ Drummer, but I hear this with BeatBuddys samples. But the mappings are not compatible with each other.
I open the midi editor not with pianoroll, but with drum editing window. Play the groove and simply select rows and drag them to the right place, untill  it's sounding in the same way with EZ drummer.
EZ has more complicated and nuanced mapping and samples, than BB, but quite good results can be achieved. 
So my question is: once I have well sounding mapping, how I can save this for the future and how I can loading this again in the drum editor. 
Is it possible at all?
I see, there is opportunity in the drop down menu of drum editor, mean save mapping, create new, load, but confused a bit. I was tweaking with that, but without succes.
Please help!
Thanks in advance!
Win7, Samp ProX 3.

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