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Changing the default pitchbend range in Independence?

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Hi Mike and thanks a lot for the link. I was initially puzzled with the title of this vid, but guessed Independence was being used. Unfortunately, this is no good, as I'm actually blind and there's no talking/instruction of what's going on :).


I'm the developer of samplitude Access:


which is an access solution for the visually impaired. I do give some support to Independence and I've been asked if I could make the pitch bend range control accessible, but of course, I have to find out how you do it first in order to make it accessible.


Is there any chance you could write down what's happening in the vid in regards to changing the pitchbend range?...e.g. in which tab is the control etc, it would really be appreciated. If not I totally understand and will try to get someone with sight to take a look at this vid. Thanks again. best steve.

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I don't believe there is a way to change the default, I wish i could default to +/_  2 semi tones. It seems to default to 1 semi tone only. The video above appears to demonstrate how to change the default 1 semitone with in the modules.

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Hi rbhan. Yes you can change this value by typing in the pitch bend up/down fields you want. So +12 or -12 for an octave. I managed to find this out with sighted help after getting them to watch the posted video. I'm not sure if you can save this change as a default though, maybe it's on a patch by patch basis? Best Steve.

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