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Keeping markers synchronised with track when editing

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Hello. I am a long time user of the "Magix Audio Cleaning Lab" primarily for editing and producing CDs from the recordings of live events.

I have moved from "simple" 2 track recording to multitrack. I trialled the new version of the Audio Cleaning lab which has multitrack support but ran into some difficulties and was advised to try Samplitude. This has gone well so far and has readily allowed me to re-mix the multitrack down to two track. My next task is to edit out period of inacitivity and otherwise reduce the record time to fit the CD. With the "Audio Cleaning Lab" the CD track markers would stay synchronised with the events on the audio track as the recording was shortened by cutting parts out. The Samplitude this does not seem to be the case. Is there a way to keep the markers synchronised with the events on the audio track?

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Markers move with objects on the first track

In mouse mode

Link objects one track

Link objects all tracks.


If you want to move only markers make a new track at the top  insert an empty or dummy object (eg midi ) and move this  dummy object in link objects one track mode.


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