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Feature Request for Samplitude ProX5

Jim Fox

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Needed Samplitude features (Options)

1. Option to have Media files (BWF) and Image files in separate system folders. Samplitude media image files need to reside in a different System Folder than the source Media (WAV) files.

2. Option to Zoom around mouse cursor. Not around play position (default). Ctrl + Mouse Wheel = option to zoom around Mouse Position, not around Play Position.

3. Option to Export WAV files with embedded ISRC and meta data like it it does for MP3 exports. (Sequoia has this function but more important for Samplitude).

4. It would be nice if Opened Plugins follow selected clip. When selecting a Clip, close open plugins of that clip, then open the plugin for the selected Clip.

5. Option to reverse the mouse wheel direction.

I use Samplitude for mastering, since 2005. It is by far the best. These options are features that I have wanted since day one. I put up with the inconvenience, without these features, because Samplitude is so great otherwise. Still I wish one of the great upgrades would include these options.

Thank you, Jim Fox


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