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Latency issues


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I am working on a mix of a three piece band; keys, guitar, and drums.  On each VIP I'm running about 20-30 tracks, 6 being aux tracks and 1 or two being midi for drums.  On each of these VIPs when I try to do an overdub I have serious latency I cannot get rid of.  The only way I've been able to eliminate latency is to change the monitoring/engine mode from MixerFX Monitoring/Hybrid Engine to Track FX Monitoring.  Which I feel I should not have to do to record overdubs with no latency issues.

If I pull up a VIP that is a single track using vandal to practice my bass, no latency issues at all.

What am I doing on these full band VIPs that would be introducing latency issues during overdubs?  It's been a real pain....

Thanks for any and all help!!

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