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comments on beta 149

David Thiel

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"Why isn’t there an ‘Apply’ button on the plug-in chain? Why do I have to save the file to apply the chain to it? With an‘Apply’ action I could see and hear the results and undo them if they needed tuning. After saving, undoing is not an option. Preview allows me to hear the results, but not to see them. Apply on the Plug-in Chain, please…

This is not a bug. it is a result of the modal plug-in chainer that was introduced in SFP-11. To mirror the legacy behavior, use "Apply plug-in chain" in the 'Fx Favorites' menu. There is a 'Preview' to audition the audio in real time and the 'OK' button to apply the process'. Unfortunately, automation cannot be used in this mode. I typically use the SFP project file mode when automation is needed, and 'Render as' to create a processed file.
Many folks, including myself, prefer the legacy chainer in SFP-10 and prior.  I questioned this change whilst beta testing SFP-11, but there was no response from SCS (Sony Creative Software). .. I also questioned the 'Record' UI  change and removal of the Remote record option.  I received no response there either. <end rant>.| Magix brought the remote record feature back recently.

Otherwise, I can confirm the annoying behavior that David stated.

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Yes, the change in SFP-11 kept me on 10 until I had enough 64bit FX VSTs that I finally caved and found a way to use SFP-14.  For my workflow it is usable but awkward.

I know that it was a design change. An unfortunate one from my perspective.  And from forums I have read, we are not alone.

Somewhere along the BETA the favorite dialog box became the minimum size, requiring a resize on every invocation.  This is an additional PITA.

Now that Magix is in control I have hope that an 'Apply' feature can be added to the sfx chain and I can get out of the forums and back to a better workflow.

"Hope springs eternal"

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