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VSTi window appears in strange way.


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Hi! If I want to open my VSTI list from track editor the popping up window is not fit on my screen. It's looks like two vertical column, say the left column's bottom ends at letter "J" and the right's top starts with "R". What I have in between, I don't see. If I want to open, say VSTI with letter "M", I have to highlight the "J" and press multiple times the down narrow, then press enter. This phenomenon has now arisen and very annoying. If I open VSTI menu from the mixer, the problem is same. Fortunatelly, if I open VSTI's from track editor-midi-output, the window appears in normal way. Of course I could use it that way, just curious what's the problem. Does anyone have an idea, how to solve this? Samp ProX 3. Thanks in advance.

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