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Build 161 Spacebar / Enter keyboard command


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SFP-15, Build 161 
I have discovered the  Spacebar / Enter keyboard command both do the same thing now.. With "Options> Preferences> General> 'F12 instead of.... enabled, they are just reversed, and still do the same thing , it is just reversed L Spacebar is 'Pause' and Enter  is 'pause'  as well.
Otherwise, the Stop/Pause/Play toolbar and menu Transport commands function normally.

At this time I do not know if this is an isolated occurrence. Can anyone else confirm this,   Build 161 behavior??

one step forward. one step back..

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At some point prior to installing build 161, I may have changed the "Transport> Toggle Pause" keyboard command, (though I do not recall doing so). Re-creating the Enter=Toggle Pause' keyboard command shortcut re-enabled it  I am still not sure if this was an isolated occurrence on my system or an issue with the build.

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