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Audio files in Template?

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I would like to make a template that contains a music bed that is to be used for every episode of a podcast. Can this be saved within the template, so that the audio resides in the actual template file and does not reference an audio file in a folder somewhere? I hope I am communicating this effectively. 

Thank you.

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Hi Sunshy,

yes, if you save a VIP as template the audio references are removed.

But it is possible to manually copy a file with audio references to the templates folder. In the project status you can easily copy audio files from outside to the audio folder.

You can also enable a warning for files outside the project folder when saving and/or loading. But this warning will not work when creating a project from a template (but it will work later).

What I do is, saving those templates in my own template folder and copy them with explorer.

Hope this helps.






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