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Reference Tracks

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Do you use reference tracks as a paradigm for your mixing and/or mastering?

If so, please feel free to share the information on which reference you use for each musical genre you work with.

For example, many mastering engineers consider AC/DC's "Back in Black" album to be a great reference for hard rock work.

Leave your contribution here, whatever the musical genre you work with.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Johnny, as you know I'm just an amateur and for the most part only do my own small projects. That's why I don't use reference tracks, but often listen to tracks made by very experienced mastering engineers that I personally like. E.g. by the two Bobs (Ludwig and Ohlsson), Jürgen Koppers and Willem Makkee (both deceased). And for acoustic instruments, I like works by Hans-Jörg Mauksch and Günter Pauler (only 50 kilometers from Kassel).

Greetings from the documenta15 city


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Thanks for the precious indications, Werner! I'll be careful to check all of them.

P.S.: the results of your works that I had the opportunity to meet are very professional; nothing amateurish.

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