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Vita Cello out of tune?

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I noticed that Vita Cello (which comes with Samplitude Pro X6/X7) is pitched slightly to low. When combined with other instruments, it sounds out of tune. This can be corrected by moving the pitch wheel a tiny bit up (with pitch bend range set to 2 semitones, you have to move the pitch wheel up for about 10% of its full angle). But I can't imagine that this is supposed to be like that. The plugin also lacks a fine pitch control (the "Pitch" control in the plugin dialog actually works as a transpose control). This makes the plugin unusable.

Fortunately there is a workaround: instead of using "Vita Cello", you can use "Vita 2" and select "Orchestral strings -> Cello" as a preset. This one is perfectly in tune.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Regards, Michael

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The Vandal tuner shows what I expected: pitch is too low. When playing a "C", the tuner shows "C -20" (with "-20" varying between -24 and - 19). I assume this means that pitch is 19-24 cents too low. Other notes like E are even lower (between -24 and -34).

Is there any other tuner in Samplitude? If yes, how can I access it?

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Thank you.

The tuner in visualization shows the same results as the one in Vandal (pitch too low), without the exact amount of deviation.

I always try to avoid pitch shift on audio, as this might result in quality loss. However, I would do this if there was no other solution. Fortunately, there is one: just use the "Cello" preset in Vita 2.

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