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"realtime" room simulator


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I like to mix on an analog board. I use 2 Delta 1010's. One pair of the outputs I use as an aux effect for my board along with other hardware units. Can the room simulator be used in "real time" as an aux effect from my board? I ask this because the Acoustic Mirror plugin won't and another free impulse player I tried had a very long delay in it's processing, making it's "real time" use, unusable. Right now it's very easy to use one of the aux sends from my board to a vst reverb (or another time based effect) and back to the board. It would be nice to have the quality of the room simulator to use as an aux effect. So, my question is, is there a noticable delay in the room simulator's processing that would make it unusable for this function? Thanks.

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It is possible, but currently strains the CPU even more than

playback usage.

During testing with a 2.6 GHz system and a HDSP card we've

managed to use impulse responses up to 3 s with an effect

latency of 64 samples and ASIO latency of 256 samples, this

already is quite usable for a reverb.

But we're currently optimzing the effect a bit more for this

task, the next patch should be a bit more CPU friendly here.



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