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considering Sequoia, lots of questions

Guest BShaw

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I'm and old Sonic user ( since 1989!) and want to find something to replace both Sonic and Digital Performer.

I use Sonic for editing and mastering and DP for multitrack mix and Waves plug ins.

I purchased DP to automate the 24 faders of my two Yamaha 01V's, It never really worked.

My NEEDS are: to map 24 01V faders to Sequoia, use Waves Platinum plug ins, record and live mix 24 tracks 44.1 16 bit and automated mixdown.

Can Sequoia do this? I have been offered a turnkey system that is the same as the Sequoia's programmers systems. 2.4 gig P4 w 3 100 gig drives. If I upgrade to a 02R 96 will the faders map? Any input will be appreciated.



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Currently you will have problems, since the old o1v control panel only was

of limited use, especially there was no controlling of the motor faders.

The new control panel of version 7 should be better here, but we

haven't tested it yet with o1v or o2r, the main focus was on

MackieControl. There's still a fader limit of 8 (switchable tracks)

though, since we haven't added the extension units.



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