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May I still use my Studio 6 after registering Clas

Guest Immanuel Kuhrt

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Guest Immanuel Kuhrt

Hi - I tried to enter the closed Samplitude 7 forum, but for some reason I could not log in. I have send a reply to Samplitude Service Team <regsam@magix.net>, from where I got my registration information.

Now waiting for this to be fixed, I actually believe, that this question is very well placed in the open forum:

I just recieved my Studio 6 -> Classic 7 upgrade yesterday. However, this is the first time, I have ever payed for loosing features. I was just getting to the point, where I was about to go into the world of MIDI controlers ... and now that function is gone <_< MIDI controllers are a vital part to me, as I need them to controll my Creamware setup.

So now I am asking: may I still use Studio 6 after registering Classic 7? Can I record and clean tracks in Classic 7, then save the project and finally open it in Studio 6, so I can finnish it there? Hmm, this solution doesn't sound good already :(. All I needed was to be able to make controller curves the same way, as I make pan and volume curves. That is realy all I need from MIDI (program change would be nice too, though).

So my situation is this. I will either have to work with the above explained work around (if I am aloved to), or I will have to get a third party product to do it. Just bloody sad not to have curves visually in the objects! - and having to work 3 instead of 2 applications simultaniously (Creamware SFP being one of them). I do not have the money to upgrade to Professional 7 (and if I had, I would hate so much to buy it, because I feel that I already did this once, when purchasing Studio).

Where do I go from here? Any comments are apreciated - including those refering to easy to use third party products.

Immanuel Kuhrt (a user, who just changed from "entusiasticaly spredding the word custommer" to slowly starting searching for a Do It All substitute)

By the way, I put up this forum www.kuhrt.dk/samplitude it never became very used, but still (IMHO) is pretty well laid out.

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Don't know what you mean, the MIDI controller options are there, the same way as before.

Only the former MIDI editor is gone in the classic version.

Apart from this: it should be no problem to let v7 and v6 coexist on the same system.



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Guest Immanuel Kuhrt

Well, I have now opened the CD-sleeve and installed the program. You are right - the controllers are there, and I can do exactly, what I want to do with them.

But let me tell you, why I thought they where gone :(

[*]Page 253 MIDI Track Options Controller Options (Samplitude pro only): Opens the Midi controller curves Settings dialog.

[*]Page 262 MIDI Controller Automation in Samplitude pro ....

[*]Page 263 Assigning Controllers in Samplitude Pro ....

I am not experienced with MIDI controllers, so those part may be talking about something very different (and I may just have made something work out of pure luck). However, to me it looks much as if the manual claims I can not get acces to the MIDI controller curves dialog, when I only own Samplitude Classic. Correct me, if I am wrong. But to a controller newbie like me, it is not very well explained (or I just don't get it <_< ).

Immanuel Kuhrt (who gained back some affection for Samplitude)

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Guest Immanuel Kuhrt

Ok, because this is, what I found in my Samplitude 6 manual. Controller options is on page 200 in the mini chapter MIDI Track Options (wich apears to have no version limitation). And MIDI Controller Automation in Samplitude has (only Producer and Studio) as version limitation (page 206). The same applies to Assigning Controller on page 207 in the old manual.

But as long, as you don't remove it in a 7.01 patch or later, I think I should be ok for my needs. Still sad for the Studio 6 owners, who used and "lost" their MIDI editor.

By the way (still being controller newbie) will I be able to send program change information from either Studio or Classic?

(oh yeah - the Emagic days. I am glad you got safe out of that, because realy did very little sell your products (and I wonder why - Samplitude is imho by far superior to Logic - just that Emagic has some more/other features)

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