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samplitude windows xp compatibility?

Guest Ghettoboostershot

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Guest Ghettoboostershot

Ok, I'm really impressed with Samplitude. My friend has recorded his last 10 albums with this program.

There is one thing I am concerned with before buying the program. Samplitude won't work on XP?

Maybe my friend has an outdated version too, as he doesn't have internet access to get any upgrades, he has to run windows ME...

Anyway please tell me this program is compatible with XP...thx <_<

Mr. Ghettoboostershot

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Anyway please tell me this program is compatible with XP...thx

No problem, I will tell. Samplitude is of course Windows XP compatible. XP (or 2000) is also the recommended OS, especially for Samplitude 7 and the use of ASIO drivers. Better playback/record stability, lower buffer settings possible than with 98/ME.

XP compared with Win 2000 has also some small improvements in the ACPI kernel and in the driver system, so XP should be the OS of choice.

Older Samplitude versions (5.x, 6.0, 6.01, 6.02, 6.03) have no 24 Bit playback/record support with WDM drivers in XP/2000 (supported in 6.04), but will work with MME drivers.



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I have the 7.0 pro version wich works perfectly under WinXP. Consider that I've used for one year the 6.0 Producer 2496 version under WinXP and I've done my jobs perfectly, too.

By the way, I'm a voiceover talent.



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