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Room Simulator as external effect


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I would like to build up a new system only for use the roomsimulator

as an external effect processor with low latency.

Developer V O L K E R posted here on Jan 24 2003 8:55 am,

that he tested it with an 2,6 Ghz system.

V o l k e r ,

is it possible to hear more about this system configuration ?

- Athlon or Intel processor

- Type of motherboard

- Type of RAM

- Type of graphic card

- Type of RME card

Does you have any recommendation for this special application

e.g. Intel better than AMD (512KB cache ???) or RME-HDSP better than RME-9652 ?

I tried it with AMD 1800XP, ECS K7S5A, 256MB DDRAM, Matrox G450, RME 9652, Win2k with the following results:

1,4 sec reverb, 64 samples RS, 1024 samples ASIO, what was quite unuasable for reverb because

of the high latency.

Thanks for a qualified answer.

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This thread is just an extension to some older thread here which dealt with

this topic to get some info about buying Samplitude Pro just for this

purpose. I announced some speed improvements there, which just didn't

succeed yet, hence we're still at the formula: monitoring with realtime roomsim

and up to 3s IR's succesfully tested on > 2GHz systems with roomsim latency at 64

samples and ASIO latency 256 samples.



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