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Cannot open waveform output device!


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Hi all,

I have a slight problem here. I have just downloaded the trial version of Samplitude Studio 7.0 and I'm using a Windows XP platform.

When I try to play a wave file, the program prompts me an error message like this:

Cannot open waveform output device 'Creative SB Live! Series'


The specific format is not supported or cannot be translated. Use the Capabilities function to determine the supported formats.


Help and thanks...



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Guest major7+9

just like guest said above.set your bit rate to 16 bits and you can have the float area to 32 bits internaly


the reason it wont play,cause soundblaster does not support 24 bits.audigies,extegies etc do.

gl. and should work after you do that.

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Guest Ed DeGenaro
Hi thanks for replying.

but though i found where's the system preference, i'm not sure where to change the settings to 16bit...

Guess it makes sense to put my name in the info field...better than guest. <_<

If you're in system preferences (short cut Y or I...I keep mixing them up) on the left side there are buttons...playback properties, record properties, etc...

click on it...at the bottom of the page that's up now you can change the bitrate.

Now where the heck is SFR7...I hate postal deliveries!!!!!! :(

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