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Will SAMPLITUDE 7.0 be compatible with dual Processoers like dual athlons, is multithreading possible,do we get more cpu power from 2cpus

Yes. Samplitude is a multithreading app. E. g.: playback and record run in different threads, to realize the best possible stability for such important tasks. You can get up to 40 % more power in Samplitude 7 with a second CPU. Some plugins profit also from a second CPU.

Unfortunately, you can find some user reports about a slightly higher ASIO latency of a dual system, but this is not examined yet. Maybe it depends also from the board and hardware configuration.

I run a dual Athlon MP CPU system with superb stability (XP professional) and can recommend it. Very important for stability in a dual system is the quality of the power supply and the case ventilation, wich makes it more expensive. An alternative is the new Intel HT technology on a single CPU. A P4 3 GHz with the latest RAM technology system will reach a better performance to a comparable price, than a dual Athlon/Xeon system with 2,2 GHz.



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