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Samplitude & a complete beginner

Guest Rafael

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Dear Samplitudes & Samplitudettes,

How apt,that the new distributors name is Magix,since that's what Samplitude

appears to be,magic!

I'm completely amazed by the all-in-one nature of samplitude 7 pro,excactly what

i need,but also by the beautiful and easy on the eye graphic design!

Having spent a few long hours on Samplitudes website,my head is still recovering from all the images and features ,so forgive me for rumbling on ,but i hope, some of you can help me with a few questions.

I've been using hardware audio&midi for years,and since i don't own a PC yet,

i can't experience Samplitude 7 pro using the available demo.

1. Are there any reviews available to read?

i've read the review of Samplitude 2496 v.5.57 in Sound on Sound (june 2000)

if yes,can they be published on Samp.website?

2. How easy is it, to get going with Samp.7. Or rather,how streamlined is it?

Since i come from the hardware route of recording digital audio,i don't have

a point of reference of any audio software(which may be a good thing??).

But, the convoluted window displays,mentioned in Sound on Sound (V.5.57)

worry me a bit.Has anything improved in Samp.Pro7?

3. How effective is the noise reduction functions?

This is rather subjective, but can i hope to clean moderately noisy live recordings

without any audible side effects?

Apparently,the noise reduction in WaveburnerPro sucks ,in SparkXL it shines (Mac

software,i know)but the opinion about Wavelab4 is divided.All this according to

various reviews.

4. Can i save the whole Samplitude project,with all relevant files,soft synths,

samplers+samples,plugins in one bundle file with minimum of fuss.

Preferably with one button press,

This is essential to me ,since at 3am ,after a 12 hour recording session with my

head high up in the seventh dimension ,the last thing i need is to worry about

saving all data correctly.

A complete integration is what i need.

5. Is there an easy way of making midi tempo fit audio recording?

Another essential feature for me,since i do a lot of live recording and need to build

midi arrangements around audio.So the midi tempo and bar length need to follow

audio.Seen this function demonstrated in Logic.Sonar seems to have it but

i wasn't convinced by the demo(SoundExpo2003)By the way,why oh why ,

weren't you Samplitude people present in the Expo2003 in London!You would

have stole the show!!!and made my life much easier!

6. Are there any loop manipulation tools a la Sonar?

7. if yes, can the individual slices be easily shuffled around to make a new loop,

with different order of individual slices.

I'm really looking for a similar functionality to Sonars Cyclone groove sampler.

if no, does anyone know if Cyclone can be used within Samplitude?

Well that's all for now but i might have more questions later.

Hopefully Samplitude will save me the effort of learning two separate applications

(Wavelab4 and Sonar or Cubase XL)if not i will just buy it so that i can look at it and


Many many thanks .

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Hi Rafael,

I haven't all the answers for you, but I'll try to answer some of your questions:

2 ) "How easy is it, to get going with Samp.7...". In my opinion, it is very easy. Some essential things to learn (the mouse use/mouse modes). I think it's a light learning. You should check the demo in one way or another. Or buy it directly, I'm confident your will quickly learn; but remember that you have some tweaks to do to Windows XP (many internet websites on audio tweaks for XP) - I think also that with a recent PC, XP can work well without tweaks, but it is always better to tweak it.

3 ) "How effective is the noise reduction functions?..." Great!!!!! Outstanding!!! :(:):P Few algorythms for different situations, tweakings allowed

4 ) "Can i save the whole Samplitude project,with all relevant files,soft synths,

samplers+samples,plugins in one bundle file with minimum of fuss..." Yes. Go to the "File" menu, and then "Save complete VIP in"...a choosen folder. There is also a little button in the toolbar wich open a menu where you'll find the same feature.

I'm interested in the answers to your other questions, these are topics where I have to learn! <_<



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Re 1):




Re 2): the basics are pretty easy but it's a very deep program and you'll find new things about it for months or more.

Re 3) It's very good indeed. The realtime dehisser is excellent.

Re 4) Not one file, but one directory. There's also an autosave feature and a backup to CD feature.

Re 5) - 7) someone who works more with loops should answer these.


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Many thanks for your answers,

I've gone over the reviews listed,it's just a shame that none of them refer

to Samplitude7Pro.They did help though.However,it seems that one magazine will be printing a review in march.

How about that 'fit midi tempo to audio' ?Is there such a function?

Currently,i have to go bar by bar in my (hardware)multitrack to find the tempo of a live recording and then make tempo adjustments for each bar.It's very,

very tedious as you can imagine,so it's rather essential to have it automated.

thanks again,


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