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Sequoia 7 and MOTU 2408mkIII

Guest graham

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I am putting together a new Sequoia DAW for my workplace. We need to have

24 channels of ADAT @ 96k at the same time, coming in via lightpipe from two

Alesis HD24s.

It looks like the new MOTU PCI-424 card + two 2408mkIII interfaces would

work for our needs. Does anyone have any information on stability with the

Sequoia 7.0 beta and the new MOTU interfaces?

I've seen a reference to syncing multiple RME HDSP PCI cards together. Has this been tested with Sequoia?

Are there any other currently available options? The new RME MADI system would work, but isn't available yet, and would require additional purchases for SP/DIF or AES output.

Thanks for your input,



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i've tried to build a setup with samplitude7pro and motu2408mkIII........but without success 'til now!

the pci424 is very unstable on my asus a277-e motherboard (with ALL add. tweakin and so on). samplitude and motu work together without any problems. in most cases, the motherboard is the problem...so i wouldn't do that anymore on a amd based system. try it for example with a asusp4pe board and everything should be fine.


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