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Latency problem....

Guest Lesique

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Guest Lesique

Hi you all! <_<

I posted this question over in UAD-1 forum so they pointed me here,and this is the right place to ask for shure...

"My job is done in SX but I'm doing some considerations to crossgrade to Samplitude 7.

The question is:

I downloaded samplitude demo last night,and I was also impressed with the clarity of sound among with other things(eq,routing etc...),but there was problem with latency comp(on tracks and busses) with UAD-plugins.Maybe it's just with demo,but even on track inserts I had latency with UAD,as well with their multiband compresor or stereo enhancer,which is built in eff.

Probably I am doing something wrong but I don't know what it is...

Hope that you can help me..."

Strange?or am I really doing something wrong?



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Latency is of course still there, like in any other native software. The CPU needs some time, to calculate an effect. High quality effects need some more time. DSP driven VST plugin cards (UAD/Powercore) need time, to transfer the audio data over the bus to the card and back (twice ASIO latency). But the latency compensation in Samplitude guarantees, that all tracks and especially busses will be in sync, without any latency introduced timing delays. Works with internal effects and plugins.

Latency compensation is enabled per default, if you don´t disable the checkbox in the mixer setup (button in the right corner of the mixer).



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Thanks Norman for your fast reply! :P:D:D:D

Works with internal effects and plugins.

But! (there always has to be...) I noticed large latency with internal effects also,when on insert channel's.Stereo enhancer,Advance Dynamics and FFT are also bringing latency to the channels that they are inserted.And that is my main problem with Uad also.I can always use Track delay on groups when working with uad but how can I fix latency on ch inserts?Does it maybe have to do something with FX wrapper?Different versions?

I woud really want to work this out because I think that Sam sounds much cleaner than Sx and looks more intuitive( especialy "mixer friendly"),but if I can't get full latency comp. on inserts.......sx will be (or Nuendo 2.0 when they release him) still my power horse.And I REALLY,REALLY like Sam's sound.

Hope there is a workaround for this,

Lesique <_<:(:)

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but how can I fix latency on ch inserts

As I said, every native program, running on a CPU, will have latency. Also all upcoming programs. This is a "system failure". This means: Your UAD will use twice the ASIO latency also in the future, there is no magic trick.

Latency compensation in Samplitude and all other programs means only, that you don´t need any track delay plugins on tracks or busses anymore. The delay compensation runs automatically in the background, all tracks and busses, wich are delayed (=latency) by effects or plugins, will be in perfect sync. Very confortable in situations, where plugin created latencies (e.g. Plugins of the Waves master bundle) must be compensated in busses or auxes of other programs. Samplitude does it automatically for the user in the background. You don´t have to worry about delayed busses or auxes anymore.

The only thing, you can do against a noticeable latency, is to lower this latency. In Samplitude there are different settings:

Internal effects:

High quality effects, like the phase linear Samplitude effects for an optimal sound, need some more time (=more buffers), to calculate. You can lower the latency time (=more CPU load), when you reduce the VIP buffer (hit "Y" for the dialog). E.g. try a buffersize of 1000 or 500, if your system can handle higher CPU loads.

External inputs/DSP plugins:

The I/O latency (input of external signals) and UAD plugins can be lowered by reducing the ASIO buffer size. The buffer size value depends also from the power of your system and especially from your audio card.

Some cards run better with low buffers (=lower latency). We recommend RME cards, like the Hammerfall (DSP) series.

Hope this will clarify



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Some things from my side:

-the latency of effects usually has nothing to do with the horsepower of your CPU, just with

the look-ahead time the effect needs, this is something intrinsic with many dynamics effects

and all phase-linear effects

-a special case are hardware based plugins which would strain the host very much if they

would force it to wait for the plugin to return from processing, since there may be waiting

times on the bus ... hence it just delays all output for one full buffer size: if the host brings

the next buffer the plugins gives the previous buffer back, additionally there may be the

delays of the effect algorithm as above

>how can I fix latency on ch inserts?Does it maybe have to do something with FX wrapper?

>Different versions?

Our latency compensation doesn't work with the VST wrapper, if you're talking about this

one. It currently doesn't tell us the VST plugin latency as does our internal VST interface.

This of course also applies to (insert) plugins in the object editor - and here we've got no

native VST interface yet.

Inserts in tracks and busses are compensated - but also this has a price currently: latency

compensation can only be adjusted at playback start, if you insert a plugin while playback

you'll notice delays. At next playstart everything is allright.

There are some ideas to improve reaction on latency changes while playback in the future

as there other possibilities:

-adjustable lower buffersizes used for VST effects (will be needed for some plugins

anyway, which just can't deal with big buffersizes, will increase CPU load, but reduces

latency for hardware based plugins) - probably done in next release

-since 7.01 several of our internal effects (Advanced Dynamics, FFT Filter,...) have reduced

latency compared to older versions



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