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Another stupid crossgrade question

Guest dartmusic

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Guest dartmusic

I have Logic and want to do the crossgrade, but the manual is a binder. Tearing off the cover would destroy the manual. I don't really care THAT much, but...is there another alternative??

I'm dying to place my order! (And go BACK to Samplitude after 3 years of Logic...)



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Do you mean the original box?

Yes. This is the text from the crossgrade website:

Owners of comparable audio or sequencer software are entitled to crossgrades, no matter on which operating system they run. If you would like crossgrade authorization, simply provide the cover page of the manual, the original packaging or the program CD as proof of ownership of one in the following products:

- Sound Forge & ACID PRO (Sonic Foundry),

- Cubase VST/SX, Wavelab & Nuendo (Steinberg),

- Waveburner pro & all Logic audio series products except Logic Fun or similar OEM bundling versions (Emagic),

- Sonic studio & comparable products (Sonic Solution),

- all ProTools series products except ProTools Free (digidesign),

- sonar (Cakewalk) and

- TripleDat (Creamware).

You can also ask our crossgrade specialist at samplitude@magix.net. Maybe he has some other ideas to proof your ownership of a crossgrade product.



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