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I am experimenting with the Demo Version of Samplitude. I am using Windows 2000 and Audigy Platinum Sound Card. I really like the looks and feel of Samplitude and am looking forward to switching over but, I can't seem to resolve the latency problem. After recording the first track I am hearing it quite delayed when I'm monitoring it for second track. Is there help for this.


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Right click on the recording transport button; it opens a windows where you can set the recording offset (in samples).

I've made some testing with a single percussive sound to set it properly accordingly to my audiocard.

My method:

- set the time display in samples in the transport window;

- choose a single percussive sound in wich you can see easily the attack of the waveform; place this sound at time 200 samples

- re-record it through your audiocard with all the faders sets to 0 dB;

- zoom in the VIP and see the resulting delay in samples;

- correct the recording offset to have the next recorded track in perfect synchro

Maybe there are simpler methods, for me this one works well.



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Hi! Is it possible to have no offset? I did this test using samplitude 11 on windows vista. The re-recorded track exactly matches. The only thing I notice from zooming in is that the first hill of the waveform doesn't match in loudness/height of the samples. But all other parts of the sine looking waveform match.

Also, is there a test for midi recording offset?

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