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FW/usb2 200GB-discs warnings/blessings?

Guest ravn

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Hi all !

Im looking at getting a couple of maxtor 5000dv 200GB 8meg cache FW/USB2 discs for both live recording and backup purposes.

I'm quite new to pure native recording, and have never seen a firewire setup before, so I might have misunderstood, but I've seen postings about the importance of the Oxford 911 chipset, and I dont think these contains this chipset, as I've learned from the people trading these discs that the 911 set dont support discs above 116 GB (?)

Anyone using these / seen tests / heard their noize level ? warnings/blessings ?

Any replies greatly appreciated. Its quite a bit of money to burn if these discs are illfitted for demanding/hi track count audio purposes.

I'll be using samp7 (of course...)My MOBO is intel D850EMV2 with rdram & P4 2.53. The firewirecard has a WYA chipset according to the PC builders.

Best regards


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