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Creative ASIO support?

Guest Audioslave

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Guest Audioslave

I'm trying the v7 demo and I like it alot so far, but I cant get

my Cretive ASIO driver to work in Samplitude. :P

I'm using Creatives Audigy platinum with the latest Creative drivers.

Error message "Creative ASIO driver is not yet initialized, exiting..."

when clicking on the ASIO Setup Control Panel button. <_<

Does this mean that Samplitude is not supporting Cretives ASIO driver?

Are there other ASIO driver I can/should use with my Audigy card?

This is essential for me to know when considering if I would buy Samplitude

I'm very impressed by Samplitude so far, so I hope there is a solution for

this HW, though it may not be pro audio HW setup, but if I can get this SW

to work it sure feels like it. :(:)

Thanks in advance,


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Guest Guest

thanks for the reply Volker,

yes, I've tried to make every change I can think of in Samplitude

regarding that. But I was thinking that I might overlooked some

settings. It works well in Sonar at 4ms with complex DxI/VST instrument

setup in MIDI projects, and 40ms in mixed audio/MIDI projects at 48KHz.

But I am more interessted of the audio recording capabillities in Samplitude

so I hope to hear from you soon <_<

Thanks in advance,


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