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Input monitoring with FX


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I've been trying the demo,and I can input monitor with insert

FX on a track,but is it not possible to input monitor with aux

send FX? This is probably the thing I miss most from Cubase,

having the whole program as a "live" low-latency digital mixer.

And also,this seems to mean that you cannot monitor with FX whilst recording vstis,as adding an insert effect doesn't

seem to do anything.

The midi is now pretty good,I'd just like to see midi fx included

as well.

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Guest Volker

VSTi monitoring with FX will be adressed in one of the next updates.

MIDI FX are under consideration, version 7.1 already allows

MIDI routing to VST FX.

Regarding the complete "live" low-latency digital mixer: since years

the Samplitude play engine was built around conceipts like

latency-compensation (e.g. dealing with high-latency master effects),

object effects and effective disc reading (trackspeed). This gives a lot

of advantages for playback from disc, but isn't that good in respect

to the low latency approach. Hence we had to built a complete new

low-latency monitoring mixer engine which neither claims to nor is

about to replace the play mixer engine. It sure will be enhanced

in the future (e.g. to allow AUX sends), but I'd guess with the possible

inclusion of better mastering effects into other applications they might go

the same way as Samplitude: it neither is much fun to monitor with quarter

second latency mulitband effects nor to have to switch them off for monitoring

while recording another take.



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Thanks for the answers,Volker <_<

Yes,I see the problem with low latency monitoring,it'll probably

be difficult even to implement aux FX input monitoring,obviously

high-latency FX will have to be excluded.Glad to know you're

working on it though :(

I know it's entirely against the Samplitude design,but how about

a new "live input mode",with delay compensation turned off

throughout the mixer,and only VST and DX plugins available,most of which have low enough latencies to use in realtime.

This would at least give us the ability to play our studio songs

in a live situation,where lower sound quality won't really

matter,and not have to export them to another program.The

present live input mode is really just a "demo" of what it

might be like in realtime,I can't think of a situation where it

would be of use.

But I know this idea might not be possible because of Samplitude's internal architecture.Just an idea :)

Apart from that,the program is wonderful ! I think you'll have

a lot of unhappy users of *certain other programs* :D switching to Samplitude over the next year,including me :P

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