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bugy vst implementation

Guest LUIS

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what a bugy vst implementation!

first it only plays sometimes with force monitoring, sometimes with it off,

or it plays only when you press rec twice.

The layering instruments is horrible! you can play several, but the same pan and volume controlls them all. what´s the point? Also why cannot I

see the notes being recorded like I see audio?

The vsti also is confusing between the slots of the other plugins

(by the way why is there only two sloots for dxvst inserts in the mixer?=

And when playing a vsti instrument why nothing happens in the mixer?

Too many questions, two many bugs, one great program... but useless like this.

Hope you sort all this out!


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Guest djerikgo


Here, i have a major issue with something that should be very easy : midi recording !!!! I can't figure out how to record a simple midi line from my keyboard playing a vsti :

1/ when starting recording of my midi part, everything seems ok, i hear what i play ! but when listening back, what i recorded is played something like twice the speed i played it. I didn't found any option like automatic quantize or anything else that could make this happened. Maybe something i am missing but GOD !!! is it so a pain in the ass to record midi in samplitude ?? on the other hand no problems when recording audio.

-Anyone attempt to record midi In SAM7 ???

-Is there any relation with the VARIPITCH in playback options ? do i have to set it "active" ?

-Is there any relation with the MIDI/AUDIO synchronisation in the midi set up page ??

2/ I also tried to use the punch in/out with midi recording and it doesn't work. And same thing here, it works like a charm in audio recording.

I really need clues here, because right now i can't make the jump from cubase sx although i'd like to. Will SAM7 demo become SAM for rent ???



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Guest Guest

i tried every tweaks in sam7 and nothing worked for my midi recording problem !

the same set up in cubase sx works ok.

keyboard motif yamaha midi or midi usb (same issue)

rme digiface

windows xp sp1

sam7 demo

PIV 2.53 512 rdram 1066

any developper aware of something that could create this problem in SAM7 set up ??

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