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Freeze to Mono

Guest Dali

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Guest Dali


I have project of about 120 tracks. You can imagine what my HD is saying about this. But thanks to SAM7 is still handling it preety good.

So I have 12 tracks of drums ready to FREEZE, but SAM only freezes in stereo files and option Force Mono Processing is not working. I guess?

So if I Freeze 40 mono tracks , I get 40 stereo tracks and my HD say F... ... :angry:))

Is there any way for mono Freeze? I noticed when Drumagog is attached it can do mono freeze tracks. Is there any simple plugin for stereo->mono or some workaround for mono processing.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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Guest Norman

There is no way, to freeze mono tracks (yet). To keep all information, it´s necessary, to create stereo tracks. Maybe it´s time for a bigger harddisc? Or you can duplicate a track, mute (inactive) the original track and do a mono bounce of your duplicated track with replace. This creates a manual "freezed" track. The new preset option in the trackbouncing dialog should help, doing this on multiple tracks.



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