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Aranging audio folders

Guest Dali

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Guest Dali

Hello !

I did some freezing, some import audio files to VIP (drag and drop). Then I deleted objects from VIP, but files are still in HD, I don't need it anymore and they are taking HD space for no good.

Now I have a song for about 1,6Gb of data, but my folder contains about 7Gb of audio files.

If I do Remove unused samples it removes just unused parts of VIP objects. It does not remove files that has nothing to do with song anymore.

1. Is there some sort of folder clean option. Or what's best way to clean my folder to only (necesary) VIP and freeze data. ?

2. Is there an option (Prepare archive in Nuendo) to copy all related audio files (network,other HD's) to song's folder?

Otherwise, you rock !!!!

Thank you



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Guest be.now


Save complete project as...

to a new folder.

But I don't know what happens to the freezed objects? You must try it.

If everything's o.k. with the new copy of the project you can erase the old folder...

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