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Guest doug

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Guest doug

Im new to samplitude and this may sound like a dumb question but I cant figure out how to listen to anything ive recorded. Ive tried the tutorials, help files, and every combination of ways that you can execute a playback command. Can anyone please help.

sys spec.

2.66 p4


180gb hd

audigy 2 sounds

ati 128 video

winxp home

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Guest doug

Let me add something. I know where all the play buttons are. I can record, I can move the markers back and forth but whenever I hit play it just says 24 bit playback in the botton right corner and does nothing. Can someone please just tell me what I should be doing. Thanks.

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Guest Norman

Maybe you should choose the right monitoring device in Samplitude? Open the mixer and check the stereo master output or hit "P" for the playback options. There you can choose the master device, where all tracks and busses get mixed together, like in a real mixer. Inputs and outputs of installed audio card devices must be activated in the system option ("Y").

The routing in Samplitude is very flexible. You can route tracks to master, to busses or auxes. You can also route every track, bus and aux direct to an individual physical output of your sound card.

Example (RME Hammerfall with 3 ADATs - 24 physical outputs):

- Tracks 1-8 go out direct to outputs 1-8 of your soundcard

- Tracks 9, 10 go to bus 1 - bus 1 goes out to outputs 9/10 of Hammerfall

- Tracks 11-14 go to bus 2 - bus 2 goes out to outputs 11/12

- Track 15 gets an input signal from an external source (synths, HD recorder ...) and goes out direct to output 13/14

- Parts of tracks 1-20 are sended to aux busses 1-4 - every aux is routed to a Hammerfall stereo output device (outputs 15 - 22)

- All other tracks go direct to Stereo Master - Stereo Master goes out to output 23/24



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