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Guest Derm

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Guest Derm

I am considering buying Sampliude 7 Pro., and I have recently downloaded the demo from your site.

I understand that the demo does not have all the functionality of the full program.

I really do like the program, especially for its extensive audio eding and mastering facilities, which is what I would be using it for mostly.

I find its graphic layout and interface very easy to use ,

much more so than "logic 5.2", which I have also tried.

I've had one or two difficulties while making test recordings and would appreciate your help.

1. Example. I have recorded a backing track on track 1 in a VIP. I am now recording a vocal on track 2.

Problem: I cannot hear myself coming back through the headphones while recording.

The finshed recording lags a second or so behind the backing track.

I have experimented with a number of different settings on the record dialog page without any success.

I dont understand the latency problem, as I have never experienced this before with any program.

I am using an M- Audio Delta 1010 with ASIO drivers, my settings on the system(y) page are as follows

VIP Buffer 500

HD/ Scrub 4000

Test 2000

Buffer Number 2

The Asio latency is 384 samples

I am recording 32 bit float and device driver communication is 24 bit

2.Example. I am using Sam. to drive my workstations onboard sequencer ( Ensoniq TS-12 & Proteus 2500). I have also tried using them to drive Sam. I am using midi clock.

Problem: When Sam. is the master,the first few notes on the slave device are "rushed" out. Sometimes I can compensate for this by setting a 4 beat count in on the slave device.

When I use Sam. as the slave I experience a similar problem. The play cursor immediately jumps forward nearly 2 seconds when play is pressed on the master device.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me on these matters. I am sure the latency issue is something I am overlooking, but I would have to be sure about midi stability before going for this program.

P.S. I have Hubis midi loopback device but have not managed to successfully confiure it yet.


Dermot Walsh

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