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Sudden HDD and CPU overload!

Guest Andi

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I am recording a full length album with my band with Samplitude 6.04. All was going well until suddenly the HDD display went to 100%, CPU usage went overload and playback stopped short. Needless to say, it was completely impossible to continue recording. Strange was:

1) I have plenty of disk space left on my audio drive (>10GB) so it's not missing room, and it is probably not disk fragmentation as there must be defragmented room left.

2) If I go back to a part in my project recorded just a few minutes earlier (with Disk and CPU display under 10%!) the same thing happens.

3) If I open a different project playback is fine. No problems at all.

4) A system reboot doesn't help. Increasing buffer size only helped minimally.

I read in the Samplitude.com FAQ that maybe a entry in "system.ini" with:



might do the trick, but I don't think it will help, as this problem only occurs on one project, not all.

Samplitude is running on an Athlon XP1700+ / 256MB RAM with Win2k. Audio card is an SEKD Siena (Marc 8 Midi)

I also had the same problem once before - with Samplitude 2496 V5.55 - and also only with one single project. This is extremely putting back our progress, I would be very grateful for any help! Thanks in advance,


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Guest Norman

Difficult to find the reason from the distance. I remember some performance jumps in previous versions. But a restart did the trick.

First I would experiment with the trackspeed settings, to increase the HD performance.

What happens, if one track after another is muted (right click on mute button - mute inactive )? Maybe it´s only a problem in one track?

Realtime resample on some objects?

Another useful test: Save complete VIP to ... all files will be copied to a new location. Open the VIP afterwards.

And last but not least, the old Sam-ini-file-delete-trick (backup before, if nothing happens).



P.S.: There is also a 6.05 available.

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I finally got the problem fixed, though I still don't quite know why it happened.

I noticed that this was the only project we were recording that included loop objects (I had looped a section of the click track as it was too short) and the one project that this had happeden to me before also had some loop objects (drum loops). So I bounced the click track to a wav file and imported it into my project - voilà, problem gone.

Why would a loop object cause my disk to go to 100%? And why didn't the disk usage go down when I muted the click track? Strange. But at least now we can continue recording.

Thanks for your help, and rock on!


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I have had similar problems . . computer specs more than adequate . . Pentium 4 2.3G, 512 Ram, 7200 RPM hard drive, etc.

The problem for me is I am mixing down 12 tracks.. . .when I play the first time , . . no problem CPU useage around 18%, 0% on Disc. But if I stop the mix and then re start . . CPU useage jumps to close to 100% and eventually overloads.

Problem is solve however by closing file, opening again and restarting . very strange. any suggestions. . ???

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Can anyone help . . would appreciate it greatly (see previous posting)

I have the same problem with Samplitude V8 (8.3). My comp specs are: Athlon 1700+ (1.47GHz), 512MB RAM, Windows XP Pro 2002, RME Fireface 400 (SB Live Platinum 5.1 also installed, but not used), two 7200rpm drives, etc. This is more than adequate to play 4 goddamn audio tracks simultaneously.

CPU usage is always well below 20%, and disk usage stays around 1-3%. Suddenly, I get dropouts and the Disk usage jumps to ">100%" (CPU meter is ok). Changing buffer settings does not help. No indexing service running in the background.

This is a blatant bug in the program and I am very disappointed that Magix does not have the answer. Contacting Magix Support on this topic was utterly worthless. If anyone has found a fix, please post!

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