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Mixdown question

Guest Rob

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1- I'm curious how everybody does their mixdown. Trackbounce, or mix to two track stereo through external mixer. I'm running Samplitude 6.05, Spirit Digital 328, Motu 2408MKII. I like the feel of mixing with real faders, but trackbounce is fast and easy.

2- I have a good selection of outboard effects with digital I/O. Is there a way to incorporate these into Samplitude, or are there plugins that compare to quality external effects(reverb,compession).


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Guest Guest_WireLine

I use the hybrib mixing method you describe with a Mackie d8b...some mixes just sound better with the Mackie, some just sound better with Samp...works well for me and my needs.

Usually I do critical compressions, room simulation tracks and so forth in Samp (may be a good idea to plan ahead and run everything in Samp at 24 bits if possible)...after getting a rough idea of everything, I set up the d8b for mixing, using both internal and external effects (playback via optical cables...) I do use POW-r dithering, as this makes anything going out sound better....after fussing/tweaking/automating/ etc, run the S/PDIF mix from d8b back into Samp...

Then I reset the Samp mixer to submix mode and master back to monitors...tweak/edit/object mix, and so forth...if you want external effects at this point, you'll have to realtime record them with "live input" mode...

then I simply bounce the resulting tracks....

For something REALLY interesting - take the Samp mixed result and blend it with the external mixer's result (making sure to time align if needed)...this parallel technique can really give... interesting ... and many times useful results.

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