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Alright Sam freaks, and Norman

I mispoke in my earlier post, I'm using 5.57 Studio, not 5.9, and I'm a registered user. I posted on another forum and got a response saying 6.01 had a save template feature. Mine doesn't, or I can't find it. I did manage to set up a hot key, but the VIP does not open wtih the desired parameters, ie 4 tracks assigned R and L, and I have to set them up each and every time. Again, the problem is that if I set up and save a new VIP with the desired parameters, record and and then save with a new name, the HDP is overwritten the next time I open my template and begin recording, and I lose the the previous project. Is it possible to do what I want with my software, or has this feature been added to later versions? Also, I thought I saw somewhere there is a free upgrade to 6.?, and if so, where do I go and what's it called?


Bubba50 in Florida

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