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Samplitude and Sequoia

Guest skullr

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I am a studio owner looking for the best platform to run my studio. Sound quality is my number one concern. I am mostly a Pro Tools user but I also work on DP3 and Logic. I own a MOTU 2408mk3 and a 24IO. (are they compatable with Sam? any issues?) I hate the sound of DP. I have been currently looking at Nuendo 2.0 to run on my G4 dual 1 Gig. I would like to know what kind of projects people have been working on including surround projects. I have not had a chance to work on Samplitude but I downloaded the demo to check out. I have a great PC to run it on so I have no problems chaning my whole set up over to PC. All my hardware will transfer over. I also have the UAD-1 and TC Powercore(any issues there?) I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Guest wilcofan


I have used Logic and Nuendo extensively and have both PC and Mac in the studio. I recently switched to Samplitude, first for mixing stability and total delay compensation, but once I got to know it I was hooked for fulltime. It simply does more for me without clicking than anything else I've used.

I own Motu gear too and have fewer (no) issues with Samplitude than Logic on PC. As good as with Mac before. I only mixed with Nuendo so I never tested any recording issues with it. My main problem with Logic on PC was getting the word clock to stay set to external and launch the program, I had to make workarounds. Samplitude lets Apogee be master clock full time without changing ever, which is really nice.

If your focus is live instruments and editing, Samplitude will knock you out. If you are more of a sequencer guy, I can't see much reason to use it. It's MIDI will satisfy you, I'd guess, if you are the former and updates are in the pipe. I have Logic handy for anything serious, but Audio to Score for parts is all I use now. Tempo maps will be key for upcoming projects but that's a promised feature addition.

I have great success with the UAD-1 but the Oxford/Powercore brought light to an issue. It's that the linear/circular settings for knobs cannot be standardized for VST plugins - Samplitude's preference only affects DX I think. UAD-1 has it's own overriding setting in it's meter/contol panel but the Powercore relies on the host. Incredibly, the Oxford and Powercore have different default settings for their modes and this makes for some chaotic mixing control. Oxford's team has left this in Samplitude's court and suggested a preference over knob modes (duh). I've heard they are working on this for the next update *maybe*.

Sonically there are no problems with Samplitude/MOTU/UAD/Powercore that I've discovered, I use two 1224's with an Apogee Rosetta sending word-clock to both. I love the skins and my mixes sound better than ever, but I can't give Samplitude *all* the credit! :D


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For sound quality there is no comparison to Nuendo. I came from there to mix on Samp and also stayed. I'm working exclusively in Samp now and I pretty much love it. It's not perfect but it's WAY beter then any Steinberg product I've used. UAD works great with it. It's solid and clean and sounds fantastic. Get it and join the convertors. THe support on Samp is also much better and it's not full of hobbiests who waist your time with bable. Norman on here is great and knows his stuff and I rarely have a problem anyway. Good luck... :>)

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