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audio problems....

Guest matt

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I am running a P4/2.4ghz computer on an asus P4T-E board. I recently upgraded to windows xp and RME HDSP 9652 card. I am running all of my inputs through an ALESIS ADAT HD24, analog in

and lightpipe out into the 9652. In Samplitude, I have track one selected as 1L and track two selected as 1R. The ASIO drivers are enabled, and all tracks are routed to the stereo master of the rme card channel 23-24 out, and selected the option for software FX monitoring. The problem I'm having is that when I record enable Track one(kick drum) everything is fine. All the effects and eq works through the stereo master. BUT... As soon as I record enable track two(snare drum), I lose the audio output of channel one. The input still shows in the vip window, but there is no audio output of the first channel. It's almost as if channels one and two are one stereo channel or something. What can I do?


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In the track info dialogue (I think this is where it is... I'm not in front of the computer right now) there is a check box for "playback while recording". check this one time and you will be good to go...

Hope this helps,


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