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Sidechaining in Samplitude


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Hmmm... not much help on this board, I guess. Not sure what you mean by sidechaining - I'm familiar with the term referring to a compressor triggered by an independant signal, as in a deesser. As such, no, I don't think Samp has this built in, though any deeser plugin would naturally use such a process internally.

There is the bulit in vocoder in Samp - I guess this is a sort of sidechain process, but I've not used it, and so am not of much help there...


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Yes, I too would like to know if the plugins bundled with Samplitude can be triggered and controlled through means of the sidechain.

The primary use I often find is pop vocal harmonies, whereby the lead vocal track is used to control the gating of the backing vocal tracks, significantly tightening up the vocal submix.

Other sidechaining uses include ducking the bass guitar ever so slightly on every kick drum, or compressing the acoustic guitar more whenever the lead vocals are active, or even ducking the hi-hat mic for every snare hit to reduce cross-talk pan/phase problems (I know, better just to do the miking properly in the first place...).

So to re-put the question: can Samplitude feed the signal of any one track into the sidechain input of an effect plugged into another track?

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