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plugin latency and other mysteries


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I guess the old Samp usenet group is history... very sorry to see that - it was a wonderful resource for Samplitude, and was in fact one of Samplitude's most highly regarded "features."

I've just been discovering the facts of life regarding plugins and latencies, and am wondering how others deal with the timing inaccuracies which are introduced. I had always known that I'd need to manually tweak the start time of a track after exporting it to a hardware processor and then back into the computer, but now I'm discovering that there are all sorts of timing innaccuracies being introduced into my songs, in ways that I was not at all aware of. I'm learning that almost every track I record ends up with some small time delay, and sounds "tighter" if I slide it forward in time a bit. But the amount of adjustment does not seem to be consistant - sometimes just a millisecond, sometimes 10, sometimes 50...

Now I see that Samplitude reports a "plugin latency" of 1000 milliseconds... hmmm. I'm not needing to slide any tracks *that* far forward. I'm not sure what that latancy figure refers to - it does not seem to have any relationship to buffer sizes or number, or to asio settings for my sound card...

But here's where I get really flustered: It seems that when I add more plugins to a track, the latency does indeed change, and the track needs to be adjusted in time again. And again, this has to be done by ear, which is to say that it sometimes takes considerable time and effort. At some point I'm thinking, there must be a better way. A 24 track analogue tape machine? :D

Thanks in advance for your pearls of wisdom...


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