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Can SAM do this?

Guest TRMP8R

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Dear SAMPLITUDE 7.1 users.

I am looking to replace Logic 5.5 with a DAW package that can best provide the features of Logic 6, on a PC.

Samplitude caught my attention with it's Freeze ability and support of ASIO hardware and VST and DirectX plugins.

I was wondering if this package (which has received many praises by fellow DAW enthusiasts) can do the following?

1 - Release file handles on audio files (close them) so that they can be edited off-line within SynchroArts VocAlign Studio.

Or can Samplitude align one audio file with another as such without having to resort to external processing?

Currently I have to break up the audio files within Logic into 2 minute max files, completely close down Logic, rename the audio files, fire up VocAlign, allign them one by one each to the 'best' track, save each aligned track as the old filename, and restart Logic which recognises the files have been altered and redraws the overviews. Long-winded to say the least... not to mention the annoying 2 min file length limit in VocAlign.

2 - Apply Pitchshifting (keeping original sample length) by drawing a curve within a selected audio fragment in an object, so that if vocal word for example starts above the pitch and ends below the pitch, it can be corrected without having to resort to AutoTune? Perhaps it's a 'Pitch Bend' function I'm looking for.

WaveLab can do this, but again, it's a pain having to close down one app just to edit a single word like this, and WaveLab does not behave like a multitrack.

3 - Render (bounce?) to stereo or surround in faster-than-real time, including DSP card VST plugins?

It's a Creamware SCOPE card in my case. Actually, I'm not sure any DAW package can do this. Perhaps it's a limitation of the DSP archtecture. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong. Actually, will the Freeze tool work on these DSP card plugins?

Failing that, I would at least like to be able to Render in quick-time including any inserted DirectX plugins.

4 - Support dual CPU motherboards - PCI bus bandwidth issues aside (maybe that's an OS thing. I use WinXP)

Failing that, what about XEON support? I see that Samplitude supports Pentium 3 and 4 especially.

Perhaps Samplitude doesn't actually need such a grunty PC now given it's Freeze capability. As an aside, my Logic 5.5 install is really stretching things a tad when I insert Direct-X plugins especially.

5 - Convert PC Logic 5.5 project files and all associated audio files into the Samplitude VIP environment

Perhaps I'm dreaming that one software package can do everything, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Thank you in advance.

Poor old Logic user.

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That's a lot of questions, most of which I can't answer. But here's a few:

There is no "vocalign" feature in Samp, but it is VERY easy to manually align tracks, which in some ways may be preferable to vocalign. I often end up chopping a particular track into tiny pieces so that I can slide single notes forward or backward in time - the autocrossfade makes this quite doable. But this may not suit your needs, and I'm not sure if Samp will allow you to work much faster in your present method.

One thing Samp does nicely is to have "sub projects" - for instance you could have a project just for your vocal tracks - do all the dirty work with vacalign, etc, then cut and past a final track into your main project. This sub project could be opened and closed repeatedly at the touch of a button, if need be. I find this sort of file manipulation to be WAY easier in Samp compared to other software...

Track bounce works as fast as your cpu will allow. Your scope card may change that story, but on most machines that's how it works - plugins and all.

Hope that helps...

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Guest wilcofan

Yes the render is the fastest as any DAW I've used. There are handles for pitch (when that tool is active) and for instance you could cut a note with automatic crossfades and just pull down the part of the note that is out. I've yet to hear Sam7 mess up any note no matter where I slipped in a quick split and crossfade.

If you are addicted to VocAlign you should buy a Mac/Digital Performer. Your time is money, no? It is integrated as far as I can see...


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