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Samp7 Classic & Acoustic Mirror

Guest VU-1

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I am seriously considering crossgrading from Sonic Foundry over to Samp7 Classic. I have the Samp7 Pro demo and like what I see.

So far, the only issue that I cannot figure out is why Samp7 doesn't like my SF Acoustic Mirror plug. Whenever I try to use it on an Aux buss or something and then do a playback, I get a msg from Samp7 saying that the plug is not optimized for real-time playback or something like that. Anybody know what's up with that?

I use Ac Mrr all the time in SF VV3, SoundForge6 and Acid Pro 4 with no problems at all....

Thanks for any input.


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Acoustic Mirror runs only in Sonic Foundry software in realtime. This is an old problem of this so-called "plugin" and happens in all other hosts.

Take Samplitude professional with the realtime room simulator, it´s by far a better choice. It includes a better realtime convolution reverb with more options and the 500 MB impulse response library offers a much better sound quality, compared to the weak AM impulses.

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