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Confused about editing features


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I've used Cubase for nearly 10 years now so I'm very accustomed to their model, but I'm interested in moving to Samplitude. So I've spent a few hours with the demo version that's currently up for download (7.1, I think?).

I'm slowly getting used to it but I can't figure out the editing thing.

Let's say I have a snare hit that I want to copy and move elsewhere:


If I cut along the boundaries of the snare hit, then copy and drag a copy of my extracted snare object, it affects the boundaries of the entire snare track! Whereever my new object goes, the snare track ends.

Let's see if I can provide some ASCII art...

Dragging forward:

------X--------- (original track)




or dragging backward:

------X------- (original track)




This can't be the way it's meant to work. What am I doing wrong?

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