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best components for running sampletude 7

Guest thyrdeye

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Guest thyrdeye

I am upgrading to version 7 Sampletude. What would be the best

components: Motherboard, drives, DVD burner, config and so on.

I have the midiman delta 1010 and I want to spend around 1500 on a new system. I would greatly appriciate any input. Should I get something like a Dell or would a clone be better. I have an assistant that can build computors. Where would be the best place to get the parts.

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Guest For Clarity's Sake

Hi Norman,

I'm looking at your reply above and wonder...it's no use at all.Reference P4 system and hints available on registered forum only?!?Who for?Those who already have Sam7 and compatibile working systems ? :D

As someone who is considering Sam7,such details would be of great help,especially HINTS!

So what do i do?Do i gate crush the 'registered forum' or what?????

I've seen this kind of reply before,rather silly if you don't mind me saying so.

Clarity is THE love of my life.... :D

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I am also building a computer system that will be using Samplitude. It would be nice to have the the best components right from the start. I know that Norman said that the info is on the registered user sight but I agree that I already know I am going to PURCHASE the software and want to build my computer with the best possible configuration available at this time.



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I'm also looking to get started with samplitude but I need to get everything up and running before I ditch my PT rig. I need to know what the best configs are before I buy the sofware as I need to carefully cost things out. I want a MONSTER system, but I need it to be tried and tested.



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Here's what's working for me

A7N8X Deluxe

AMD Barton 2500

XP Home

Western Digital40 gig -System

2X WD Raptor SATA Raid 0

Matrox G550 dual head

2X Samsung 512 3200

Koolance case

cheers Roly

Hmmm forgot to mention RME hammerfal HDSP 9652

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Surely the biggest question is Athlon XP vs Pentium 4 vs Athlon 64.

Once you've decided on a CPU type then buy the best system you can afford. Get a good motherboard, try places like www.anandtech.com for reviews. I'd say 1024 MB of RAM. Have separate hard drive(s) for your audio data. I'd recconmend using RAID for the audio and definately SATA (seems to have heaps less load on the CPU). A decent graphics card, doesn't hae to be a top gamers card but enough to minimise the load of the display on the CPU. Generally buy quality components. Then what ever money is left buy the fastest CPU you can get.

Some food for thought

1) Does hyper threading make a difference?

2) Benchmarks have shown that for certain types of applications the Athlon XPs kick the P4s and for other types its the other way round. Which CPU implementation does Samplitude favour.

3) Is 64 bit processing any advantage for Audio applications, ie does the internal precesion of Samplitude go beyound 32 bits and if so is there going to be a 64-bit version of Samplitude in the near future (of course it'd have to be after the 64 bit version of WinXP comes out)

Bottom line is what ever you buy today will be junk tomorrow :D

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ie does the internal precesion of Samplitude go beyound 32 bits

Sure, but I´ve discussed this already in the users forum: Floating point calculations use up to 80 bit registers on the internal FPU.

A fixed point 64 bit CPU processing brings nothing in the moment. There is no stable 64 bit XP OS, there are no working drivers for the necessary audio hardware and there is no need, to use it, only for some theoretical advantages, like the greater memory space above 4 GB RAM.

Funny: There is no single consumer Athlon 64 board, wich supports such large amounts of RAM. It´s still marketing hype, no substance. It will be a real alternative maybe 2005.



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1) Does hyper threading make a difference?

Bottom line is what ever you buy today will be junk tomorrow :D

Definitiv not at this time..could even slow down a very few.

Also there might be some card driver problems


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1 gig of DDR Ram by Kingston

Maxtor 40 gig C drive

WD cavier 120 gig music drives in 2 Kingwin removable bays. I have 6 120 gig drives now and growing.

Matrox G 450 graphics card. (G550 would be better)

Hammerfall 9652 card with AEB 8-O daughter card (for 8 more D/A)

RME ADI 8 pro A/D D/A

Cransong Hedd

2 UAD 1 cards

Dangerous 2 bus LT

Lucid Word Clock generator Etc....

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Guest curious george

XP Home

Asus A7v333

768 2700ddr

WD 80g

Maxtor 120g-8mg

ti200 gforce3 64mg ddr

RME DigiPST/Digi328

Midiman Biport 2x4s

TDK cdrw


and Samplitude. :D

oh....and....Whats not working?? :D

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Guest jcschild

Systems i know work great with Samplitude.

in order of power/performance

Nforce chipset with AND XP processor (Asus A7n8X)

P4 with 875 chipset dual channel DDR

Nforce 3 chipset Athlon 64 (what i am using now)

Dual Opterons


ADK Pro Audio

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Very interesting thread. I am getting ready to buy a new rig for Samp and have been wondering for awhile what the best components would be. I still do not get why Norman cannot/will not post the information he speaks about at the registered Samp 7 site. I have been lurking here off and on for months and have seen the same question asked before with the same response from Norman. Why doesn't just copy/paste the info to this site and be done with it???? I know Norman is very helpful, but I do not understand this.

Tim T

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Guest ssante@earthlink.net

My mobile system:

Dell Inspiron 5100 Latop

P4 2.4GHZ

1GIG Memory

Win XP Home

Glyph Companion 80GIG Firewire External HD (Audio)

Echo Indigo I/O

Works very well.

I use:

Samplitude 7.12

Steinberg Wavelab 4.0

Sonar 3.0

Reason 2.5

Halion 2

Many DXI and VST Software Synths

ohhh and 1 rack mount Waldorf Q 32 Voice Hardware Synth

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