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playback stops all of a sudden


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I've had this problem with the Samplitude 7 demo, as well as my Sampltitude Studio 6.04. I'll be playing back a .wav, and all of a sudden the sound stops. Here is a detailed example:

1. open vip with one audio track

2. press play, not neccessarily at the start of the track

3. can hear audio for less than one second

4. level meter stops showing activity after about 4 seconds

5. cursor stops moving

6. pressing play again does nothing

7. can recover audio by going into the audio properties and toggling between 24-bit playback and 16-bit playback

This is a very intermittant problem. Sometimes it will happen in the middle of playback (instead of happening right after pressing play). When it happens in the middle of playback, it's usually in a place where there's a transitiion from low (no) volume to a "normal" level (-10 db).


Echo Mia audiocard

directx 8.1 (tried 9 too)

wdm and asio drivers



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Guest freezing

Ive seen this happen as well with 7.12 It seems to be related to using different sample rates (switching) or having multiple programs open and trying to use the same audio output (asio?) I never had this problem unless one of the above was happening.

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