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Sam and external controllers

Guest Lizardpoint

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Guest Lizardpoint

Hi there,

I'm asking on behalf of a friend who has Sam7 and I'm trying to set it up to allow the mixer to be controlled from an external controller.

1. Has anyone done this ?

2. Is there documentation to assist ?

I'm in the UK and my friend is in USA so its kinda difficult.

Your thoughts would be most welcome



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You must create a midi loop to your external controller (in/out) and choose the midi ports in the external controller setup dialog. Now choose the controller from the list or the "template" and learn it.

Samplitude supports a lot of controls from an extenral hardware controller. Examples can be found on the Mackie Control support list (http://support.magix.net/areas/samplitude/de/mc.php)

7.12 supports only 8 mixer tracks maximum. 7.2 will bring an enhanced controller support with up to 4 controllers (e.g. MC+3XTs) and unlimited channels (faders) on every controller.

Some supported features:

- Volume, Pan, Solo, Mute

- Aux Sends

- EQ frequency, gain,

- Playback position/Scrub (wheel)

- arranger zoom

- arranger scroll

- Track select

- Record

- external metering (MC/LC)

- Reset volume faders to U-gain

- transport controls (Play, Rew ...)

- Timeline position

- set ranges ((with wheel and between positions)

- set and recall markers

- object manipulations (select, cut, move)

- Loop on/off

- automation (volume fader, pan, midi controller input)

- Enter, Cancel, UNDO/REDO last step

- mixer open/close

More to come in the new 7.2.



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