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Dongle or Different

Guest Sammie

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I'm looking at purchasing the latest edition of Samplitude. I'm concerned about a potential transfer issue though. If I load the program on my current DAW, but later choose to install on a newer system, will the dongle restrict such practice?

Thanks for the input! :D


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The dongle is only optional, exclusively for purchased Version, nor for Sam for rent (€ 150). Once connected, all activations are deleted and the licenses of the purchase versions are controlled by an integrated chip. This option is of particular interesting for users wishing to operate Samplitude on different systems or who change hardware components as often as underwear.

With activation codes, three installations on different hardware configurations are available online (on the same hardware the same code works with a new installation). For more codes, a phone call is necessary.



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If you install SAM on your current PC ..later install again new on the same PC there you use again the same activation key

If you install SAM later on a new PC you activate again with a new activation key

If you install SAM again on a new PC = the same

Now ..if you install SAM again on a very newer PC ..then you have to make a phone call

to get the next activation key.

The dongle is usefull when you change often PC System from one to the other..so you dont need the activation key anymore.

This dongle is optional and not only for 7.2 It was there before

So I wrotealmost the same as Volker but with other words..I hope it is to understand


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