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I've been checking out the samplitude 7.2 demo and I must say I'm very impressed with the audio side of this program.

I can't figure out how to automate anything but volume and pan. I press the A button on the mixer channel and the moves are recorded only on volume and pan. I assumed that it would apply to the eq's and mutes etc but it doesn't. How do I do this?

Also, how do I automate the vst plug ins?

Sorry if these seem like basic questions but I have limited documentation with the demo and with a registerd members forum information I'm limited on information. Are there any other samplitude forums other than here and audio forum.com?


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How do I do this?

From the internals only volume and pan possible.

Also, how do I automate the vst plug ins?

Insert a plugin, go to the track menu and choose "Midi Controllers/VST automation ...". Choose the plugin, the parameter and the curve color and draw the curve.


open the plugins window and choose "automate next parameter" from the VST plugins menu. Play the project and twiddle the knob of this parameter.

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