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Guest jonathan

I just wanted to say that having used just about every piece of software out there, the SAM team seems to be the most welcoming and most customer oriented company. It's kinda the equivalent of what Gary Garritan is to the sample library creators in that there is never a discouraging word to the clients, and the customers suggestions seem to be heard and put into place in the updates of the software. I cannot wait to purchase SAM. I have to get through Christmas first, though ;-) However, I cannot help but feel that this is the most welcoming place to be. As a current Logic user, it has been hard to find a replacement. However, the midi interface is moving in the correct direction over here (not quite perfect, but will be soon hopefully) and I want to be onboard as this company becomes the envy of the other companies. I believe others will bail out of Logic, Cubase/Nuendo and others as well.

Good job SAM.

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